Praise for Nathanael;

Danny Graham, Strategic Project Development at InsightSoftware.com

I was lucky enough to work with Nathanael a number of times at InsightSoftware.com. He has an intuitive grasp for interface design that allows him to easily determine and create UI that will speak to the user without them needing the reach for a user manual. This is a vital skill in product development as it isn’t something that always comes naturally to a developer. His personal skills enabled him to work with them highly effectively to produce quality product. He’s also a very enjoyable person to work with which is very important for the smooth operation of any department or project

David Dingwall, Business Development at Fox Technologies, on working with Nathanael at Insightsoftware.com

Nathanael, like most UX designers, likes a clearly articulated vision of how the user experience should be before a project starts. On the project we worked on together, however, the new user experience we were going for started as a general idea in product marketing’s head. The iterative cycles of getting product in front of our customers’ real end users gave us great feedback as the product was being crafted. The underlying technical mechanics of the processes didn’t change, but the UI, and user interactions needed significant tweaking. Nathanael needed to quickly revise wireframes, move UI elements around, and at the same time pushed for clarity and standardisation for the wording of screens, buttons, and help text each and every Sprint. That product release is seen as a success, and the ease of use is one of the critical factors mentioned by customers.

Wendy Keefer, Product Launch Manager at Insightsoftware.com

Nathanael worked on improving our User Interface within our product and he was diligent in his effort as well as creative when it came to proposing new ideas to suit non conventional requirements.

Stephen Sharp, Developer at InsightSoftware.com

As the only UX guy in the department, Nathanael handles near constant requests for advice and developer to English translations with good humour. His work reflected in our product quickly and will continue to do so for a long time.

Hussien Aied, Systems Engineer at Telent

Nathanael is a well-organised person; check every work details. He is reliable and very efficient. Never asked him to help and or assist with anything without having a great and innovative feed back from him throughout the period of time we worked together. He is also fast in delivery and very professional dealing with internal and external customers. He is very ambitious and always positive. Never failed to meet deadline and always above your expectation when it comes to delivery and precision

Justin Carroll, Author of Everything’s Cool

 …a book cover design can cost a lot of money.  Mine wasn’t cheap, but it is amazing (Thanks to the prodigiously talented Nathanel Rouillard)

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