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Heading into the final stretch

As I type, I am heading into the final stretch of my course development work for QA.com, and the main thing that I have learned in writing the content is that it is difficult to offer anything approaching a comprehensive understanding of user experience in anything approaching two weeks, let along a single one.

With that in mind, my approach has been to teach the course participants how to analyse their designs, and how to think about things, rather than teaching them a list of techniques that they may never be able to remember, let alone use. After all, most if not all the information I cover is out there and easily purchasable (if not free as it is in almost every case). However, reading about a UX technique does not a UX designer make, and it is more about training yourself to think about the user experience, and to analyse the design that makes those techniques useful. Understanding the concepts of UX is after all much more useful than knowing how to build a wireframe in Axure.

Besides which, a sizable number of those taking this course are likely not aiming to become UX designers, but are looking to be better able to anticipate the needs, understand the requirements, and work better with said UX designers. Either way; the quality of the work that the people taking this course will do is going to improve either way.

Of course, it is now time to start thinking about the next role after this one, but as it is my birthday I think I will let myself have an evening off, raise a glass with my nearest and dearest, and leave the searching for another day.