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Good design makes people’s lives better. With extensive experience in the User Experience field, I combine Usability design and research skills with information architecture and interaction design. Experience delivering multi-million pound projects with tight deadlines and exacting requirements, dealing with simultaneous projects, and stakeholder management. I specialise in innovative solutions that benefit the company, the users, and the clients.

Key Skills

  • Usability, User Experience and User Interface design and consultation. (8 years)
    • Natural UI (NUI) design for touch and mobile. (6 years)
    • Visual communication and layout design (7 years)
    • Usability testing labs and research (3 years)
  • Illustration; Axure, Visio, Creative Suite, Pen & Paper, Marker, Paint etc. (10+ years)
  • Web Design; Dreamweaver, HTML CSS etc. (2 years)
  • Documentation writing and management (9 years)

Notable Clients

Have designed solutions used by Transport for London, Tubelines, City of Westminster, City of Burbank, Whitbread, Chevron, Johnson & Johnson, Nintendo of Europe, Betfair, BetwayVanderlande, Canary Wharf Group, and QA Ltd.

Career Highlights

Developed and ran an ongoing live action narrative gaming experience

From 2008 to 2014, developed and ran a live action narrative gaming experience with Insurrection LRP that has been nominated three times for best game in our size category at the UK LARP awards.

Delivered NUI control systems for 100 London Underground Stations

Telent won a contract to upgrade the CCTV and PA systems on Tubelines managed station on the London Underground. They decided to deliver a touch screen based system, for which I was tasked to design the map based asset selection. From 2005 to 2010, oversaw the design and delivery of 100 touch screen station control systems for the Northern Line, Jubilee Line, and Piccadilly Line, with every station delivered on time and under budget.

Delivered Next Generation Enterprise level Budgeting tools had planned to improve their budgeting tool, which was not a big seller due to complexity and an unfavourable comparison to Excel’s calculations functionality. I was tasked with making the Budget tool a popular and compelling option amongst our potential and existing customers. By streamlining the workflow, allowing for Excel calculations to be used, and removing the need to work in an arbitrary and pre-determined order, delivered new version of budgeting tools for in 2011 that was a selling point, with over $1million in new sales expectated.

Delivered Improved Experience for Users looking to build ERP report templates

Missing functionality in’s template building tools meant that customers had been waiting several years for promised features that had not materialised. These features had not been implemented due to the technical limitations of the framework used to build the UI. I designed a UI that bypassed those limitations. The customer’s needs were satisfied, and many praised the usability if the new tools.

Career Summary

Win Technologies

Visual Designer

December 2013 – Present Initially part of the mobile design team, and transitioning to the main design team as part of a restructure, I was brought on in order to design interfaces for websites, Android, and iOS mobile gaming apps for internal and external client brands.

  • Betway
  • Spin Palace
  • Dream Bingo
  • Ruby Fortune

Freelance Consultant

October 2012 – Present

Freelance design, marketing, illustration, business analysis and consultancy services.

  • BusinessplanningforAequus Therapy;anEquineTheraputic company
    • Creating marketing and business support material
    • Providing guidance and explanation to the client about good practice
  • Ad-Hoc Art and design services for Uplifting Stunts
    • Branding, illustration, and Logo Design
  • Design and illustration for the book cover of “Everything’s Cool” by Justin Carroll
  • Marketing for Double Impact Marketing
  • Working on a book to explain UX to business owners and non-UX professionals

Insurrection LRP

Game Designer

One of the Game Designers on the award nominated Live Roleplay Game; Insurrection LRP

  • Working with internal and external stakeholders to understand their needs and create actionable, functional requirements
  • Writing story and events in response to player actions
  • Designing an immersing and interactive Live Action Gaming experience

Usability Designer

Jan 2011 – July 2012

Key Achievements

  • Delivering an enhanced “Insight Budgeting” tool customers had been requesting.
  • Designing the new report designer for complex report templates to be built visually, allowing the customer to create custom templates that pull data from multiple simultaneous SQL based data sources.

Key Responsibilities

  • Leading the development of the user interface design for the next generation of Business Intelligence (BI), reporting, and analysis software for corporate databases and ERP solutions.
  • Developing the UI design for new Web and Mobile applications.
  • Designing and developing the user experience
  • Promoting new UI/HCI methodologies and technologies, and lobbying for modernisation of underlying user interface technologies to keep products in line with industry best practices.
  • Liaising with clients and stakeholders on design decisions and objectives.
  • Designing and overseeing user testing labs.
  • Driving a UCD approach within an Agile software development environment.
  • Creation of user persona’s, wireframing, and prototyping
  • Ensuring that UI/HCI consistency was kept on track with an international development team based in multiple time zones.
  • Driving usability decisions in both the Product Management, and Development organisations.
  • Balancing the design needs of Product Management with those of the Software Development teams, and finding solutions and compromises which allow project goals to be met within acceptable costs.


Marketing Communications Consultant

December 2010 – January 2011 Provided consultancy services in helping GPSVision develop a marketing communications plan as part of a placement from Warwick Business School.

 Freelance Creative Consultant

April 2010 – December 2010 Offered creative consultancy services, including logo and branding services, and UX consultancy.


Senior Media Designer

September 2007 – March 2010

Key Achievements

  • Development of media and presentations to win large contracts worth millions of pounds including a £12 million contract supplying Transport for London with new bus stop timetable displays.

Key Responsibilities

  • Leading a team of 5 producing UI and UX services.
  • Liaising with clients and stakeholders on design decisions and objectives.
  • NUI and UX design development.
  • Usability assessment and consultation for Natural User Interface systems.
  • Information Architecture for departmental Intranet.

Advanced Media Designer

July 2006 – September 2007

Key Achievements

  • Developing design process to streamline engineering design for acoustic modelling and simulation of acoustically problematic environments.
  • Key role in UX development of the NUI HCI for the software controlling all 100 Tubelines operated stations on the London Underground.

Key Responsibilities

  • Design of the UI and UX for NUI systems controlling 100 London Underground stations
  • Liaising with clients and stakeholders on design decisions and objectives.
  • Researching technological aids to help engineering users design acoustic solutions more efficiently with a greater cost-benefit ratio.

Installation Designer

August 2005 – July 2006 Provided NUI designs for their London Underground upgrade project as well as information architecture, technical drawing and documentation services.

Training and Education

Insight Suite ERP Reporting Tools

2011: Insight Suite ERP Reporting Tools

Warwick Business School

Open Studies Certificate

2010 – 2011: Business skills for the SME sector.



2009: 2D AutoCAD drawing for architectural plans

3D Studio Max

2008: 3D Modeling and animation

Bentley Micro Station

2007: 2D CAD drawing for architectural plans

Teesside university

BA (HONS) Computer Animation

2000 – 2003: Computer Animation, Game Design, and Media Production

Bablake School

1992 – 1999

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UX Research and Design consultancy

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