Wireframing and Prototyping

Mobile Clinical Trail Tracker

I was asked to design an app for a clinical trial. The design needed to record the effects and effectiveness of drugs treating Alzheimer’s disease.

It needed to be able to gather data for every 15 minutes, check for symptoms, including a specific symptom that was being looked for, and only collect data for periods in which the user was awake. It needed to allow the user to input data for the last four hour span, and to take into account that the user might not have fine motor control.

It also needed to be designed for smartphones.

The clickable prototype can be seen here.


Interactive Prototype of one of the projects I worked on at Insightsoftware.com. We were redesigning the Budgeting part of the application, and I built the model with the concept that if required the entire application could be replicated as an interactive prototype at a later date.

It can be found here.


Ramsdens UX recommendations


Snapshot of a partial sprint report (pdf)

Snapshot of a wireframe for a system for talking to analysts about information on global mineral trades (pdf)

Wireframe for setting alerts for trades (pdf)

Partial wireframe showing how international trade information for the global mineral market can be displayed (pdf)

Whiteboard sketches






UX Research and Design consultancy

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