Design Thinking and the UX Process

Anyone who knows me is probably aware of my love of Design Thinking. I was recently asked to explain how UX and Design Thinking overlapped, and thought I would share the result. Think of it as an illustration and checklist combination of my own personal UX process.

If for whatever reason you have not had reason to think on it, you might be surprised to discover that there is a good chance that you already engage in the Design Thinking process. The terminology may not always match, but the concepts stay the same.

Enjoy (click on image to view zoom in)

How to match the design thinking process to your UX process
Design Thinking and the User Experience Process

This topic probably deserves an article all of it’s own when I have more time, but until then, if you want to learn more on Design Thinking, you could do worse than read the excellent resources made available by Stanford University’s Institute of Design

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