Automatic Infographics


Infographics are one of those wonderful things that can make communication so much easier. Of course, good infographics will often take some time to put together, and when that is limited you may simply not have that option. might have the answer for you. Give them an appropriate data source, and they will try to create one for you automatically. It is currently quite limited in what it views as an appropriate data source for their free samples, and you’ll want to try the different output options to see which one(s) display your data in a clear way, but here is an example of the output built using my Linkedin profile as the source.

It’s not how I would have displayed the data (take a look at the skills section for some of the most obvious examples; e.g. I have a lot more Photoshop experience than I have 3D Studio Max experience  and Documentation would not be in large red letters), but it took me no time; not as good as a hand-built infographic, but good enough for when you need a basic illustration in the next two minutes.

Take a look. Try them out. Presumably their paid services offer a lot more control.

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